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Buy/sell indicator
Signal & Trade Mode

Real Time Signal Alerts

Signal mode is connected to private live data to provide the most accurate buy & sell signal points possible. Trade mode is able to identify the best target or take profit points in any given market.

Trend table

The Market Made Simple

The TradingLab indicator provides useful metrics for any style of trading. See how the market is trending with just a glance.

TradingLab Trend Table Indicator
machine learning
Machine Learning

Machine Learning Indicators

The "machine learning" feature will look at past chart history and will learn/adapt in real-time. Predicting the probability of price moving in a specific direction beautifully.


Fair Value Gap Signals

Get real-time fair value gap signals automatically displayed in bullish or bearish colors. Giving you the ability to predict retracements before they even happen.

fair value gap (FVG) indicator
breakout probability tool indicator

Breakout Probability Tool

Get real-time breakout probability percentage values. This tool calculates the probability of a new high or low from past chart history. Giving you the ability to predict the probability of a breakout before it even happens.

Institutional Trading

Order Blocks

Follow where the central banks and financial institutions are trading with our order block feature. This will indicate where there is a high chance of the "big money" entering or exiting.

order blocks
smart money concepts
Market Structure

Smart Money Concepts

Get live BOS, CHoCH, and liquidity grab points with our smart money concepts feature. See how the market is structured and trade like the big banks.

Trade With The News

Market Consensus

The "market consensus" feature will directly affect the indicator's buy/sell signals based on the current market sentiment. Think the market is going to be bearish this week? Change the sentiment to "very bearish" and you will get more short trade signals!

Automatic support and resistances indicator

Automatic Support & Resistances

The TradingLab indicator will automatically display multi-timeframe support & resistances. Identifying the strongest market structures.

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