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We have several high-performance, professional trading analysts who call out their entries & exits with precision and accuracy.

Learn From The Best

There's no better place to learn than a chat room full of professionals who trade full-time and are willing to answer all of your questions!

Become A Skilled Trader

Watching weekly livestreams from professional analysts coviering everything from basics to advanced trading strategies.

Build Connections

Unlike other servers whose chats are riddled with off-topic discussion, our chats are full of real traders who actively discuss the markets all day.

Access To Indicator

All premium members get access to the TradingLab private indicator for absolutely FREE once they purchase premium.

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High Quality Trades

All of our signals are highly researched and of the utmost quality. Powered by multiple trading analysts working together to post the best signals possible.


Signals For Any Type Of Trader

Whether you trade stocks, crypto, or forex, we have signals for it!

Stock Signals

Real-time buy/sell signals for all things stocks

Crypto Signals

Real-time buy/sell signals for all things crypto.

Forex Signals

Real-time buy/sell signals for all things forex

Stock, Crypto, forex, and Options signals

Get Notified When Our Analysts Enter & Exit Trades

Say goodbye to wasting entire days and tireless nights searching for the best trade opportunities. Our trade analysts will notify you whenever we enter/exit trades in real-time so you can profit as they happen!

Top-Of-the-line Bots

Access To Our Private Bots

Get access to our private Discord bots that will notify you when smart money enters trades. This includes congress trades, senate trades, house trades, lobbying alerts, dark pool trades, and so much more!


Access To Private Learning Rooms

We have plenty of private knowledge rooms where TradingLab and other analysts will teach you how to become a better trader. This includes risk management, trading strategies, and weekly livestreams going over the current market!

Private Indicator

Access To The Private Indicator

If you are a premium member in the Discord, you automatically get access to the TradingLab Private Indicator for FREE.

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